From Dark To Light – Teri Wade March 29, 2019

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By Teri Wade

Inevitable Changes…

From Dark to Light 🙌🏼

The expansion of consciousness is never ending because the Universe keeps experiencing and expresses itself into matter and form, to gather information before turning into non-matter this is what this game is all about. Return to light, non-matter, going full circle. EVOLUTION!

We never stop growing and expanding and it gets easier the higher our vibration, because we are losing our fear frequency. Meaning, the highs get higher and the lows become less frequent and lose their power over us. Our current system has to go into chaos in order to rebuild to a higher frequency of existence, tear down the old to build the new. It’s a Universal Law and the basis of every evolutionary process. A rigid structure cannot sustain itself forever.

Just like the Awakening process many are going thru now meaning the cellular restructuring of our…

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