Energy Update/Ascension Symptoms Update By Diane Canfield March 28, 2019

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By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beautiful Tribe,

The solar wind has risen but there are no geomagnetic storms yet. Yet with the high solar wind we can still experience Ascension anomalies.

Dreams have been intense recently with bizarre happenings inside the dreams. You may find yourself at a location where you used to work doing something completely different from what you used to do. Pay attention to ALL of your dreams as they all have symbolic messages for you. With the Ascension process so deep, the messages will be even more important.

I am seeing many things from other dimensions, something like an overlay onto this one. I will see a cat/dog or person that when I look again it’s not there. It does happen to me regularly but this again now is in the extreme phase the past few weeks. It has been happening the last few weeks about every…

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