April Energy Report – Kwana Mikaela March 29, 2019

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This Energy Report is written according insight, and contains facets from spectrum of April’s energetics.

Via time frame – last week of March, there occurs ALIGNMENT with Energy we will know/Feel more about during next month in its full potential. Changes in Pace – subtle, careful but as well INTENSE is Motive in these days, and Cosmic Wave of April is ready to share with us many more gifts and opportunities.

We as Humanity are experiencing transition from one Big Passage/month to another. Like two torches of Light – March and April are standing side by side, and both of these Flames are with equal support for planetary and Collective Ascension.

We done a lot of work, both Inner and Divine Service in order to take next stages. And, in this right Moment, I invite you to hold your palm on…

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