Upgrades, Downloads and Light Codes, Oh My! By Kat via Golden Age of Gaia – March 28, 2019

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What the heck does it all mean? Energetic downloads, Light code upgrades and DNA re-activations? I have a TON of questions about this entire Ascension process. I’m just not sure who to ask. This is more of a “you’re on your own” journey with occasional guidance thrown in.

We are on a path no one has ever walked before, so there’s bound to be confusion and we’re bound to feel lost now and again. Onwards we trudge.

However, there can be no doubt that the energetic shifts in March 2019 have been doozies physically, as well as mentally, because the physical has been soooooo INTENSE.

Some people have felt throbbing pain in their head, back or neck. Steve wrote he hears ringing in his ears. For me, it’s my knees.

The pain in my knees has been excruciating this month. When I’m in an especially dark hour and believe that…

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