The Power of Love and The Center of Earth’s Alternate Planes.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

power of love

What an amazing conclusion to a very chaotic time. So many times we never really see the outcome of the work we are doing, we must trust that it accomplished its goal.

From the moment I walked into my daughters home, all I could feel was the presence of loving compassion, thank you so much for filling the house up with such incredible energy.

The child protective ladies were amazing prompt. We all sat at the kitchen table and the feel as as if we were all there for a social visit. There was no judgement, no ill feelings being sent out. Even when they read the complaint that was called in, those two paragraphs that they read off, had no energy to them. It was as if they were reading out of a book that was required. It was stated in the complaint that it was reported by the…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.