The Cage of Identity ~ March 23, 2019

Rose Rambles...

„This is so unfair! I have invested so much. My time, my energy,
all of my savings. To build this website. To give access to information
for people who are looking for answers. To empower people. And now I sit
here with a pile of debt. I am so done with this!“

That was my ego speaking three weeks ago when four people on the same
day were asking money back from me/us that we had lent last year to be
able to keep on going with our project/mission Fast Forward/FFabric. Cosmic jokes, cosmic triggers.

I felt stupid, not understood, not valued. I felt betrayed by my own
intuition. I just wanted to disappear. And I did. I withdrew. From
Facebook, Instagram, friends and family. I wanted to be alone. All I
wanted was to withdraw my energy out of the collective field, and make
myself very compact. Not…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.