Prime Disclosure Transmissions – via Paul Butler – 3-24-19

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BySuzanne Lie

We Arcturians, along with our dear friends the Pleiadians, always have messages for, our volunteers to take earth vessels. Our volunteers have been taking earth vessels for many millennia now, and are ready to assist humanity with their planetary transition/transmutation back to their Home Worlds in the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

In fact, more and more of “the volunteers to assist Gaia” are remembering their higher fourth and fifth-dimensional incarnations, as well as their multidimensional “Galactic Soul.”

Earth, also known as Gaia, is a very special planet in that Earth, or “Gaia,” which is Her planetary ascension name, is aware that the process of “return” is soon to begin. Of course, “soon,” via Earth time is very different from “soon” via our galactic time.

“Earth time” is created by the humans as a means to stay in touch with each other, to…

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