As the Old World Crumbles: Engage

Koyopa Rising

Rassouli.Ways2Rainbow Ways to the Rainbow,

Below is an excerpt transcribed from an audio recording from almost 2 years ago. Sometimes this inner voice speaks to the experiencers / lightworkers, or those who “know who you are.” The message in its entirety will be published for members on my Patreon site. I established this subscription and donation method as a way of keeping food in my belly while I disseminate all that I’ve brought through, and continue to. I am meeting others like myself now that are doing the same, and in their own way. I honor their courage, as well as all of the spiritual pioneers who have come before us. We have not led easy lives to reach this larger-cycle crossroads in time. Currently, there isn’t time, nor are there resources to write another book, so this is my chosen platform for now. Over the past decade I’ve had…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.