8 Storm / CAUAC – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 8 of 13

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8 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 holds the Intention of Justice. Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena as the Zenith Hour of Light. The Creator’s most Divine Intention was Harmony and Equity for ALL. Tones 8 through 13 represent the Transformation phase of the trecena.

The stairs leading up are our Human climb of Spiritual Growth. The stairs that descend are powered by an Unseen Force as the Intervention of Divine Justice. On Tone 8 we are changed by a new Truth. Once we see it, it will always be Known as the Wisdom of our Experience.

Storm/CAUAC is the Day Sign of Renewal and Regeneration, a symbol of the Creator’s Power to connect to Human, like a charge of electromagnetic energy. CAUAC holds the power to align all the pieces and parts of us so we are attracted to the…

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