Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain ~ March 16, 2019

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Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain. By Starbird.

Portia, the Goddess of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity is in a
unique position to be able to offer her perspectives on this process for
humanity, since she has, in her own words, “observed and assisted the progress of humanity for a very long time, since the beginning of the human race”.


As we know it now, both she and her Twin Flame, Count Saint Germain, are available to counsel humanity in this process of “remembering your Divine authority and heritage”.

This information, and the heightened energetic frequencies designed
to raise your awareness into the higher dimensions, are brought forth by
Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters through both Star’s words, which
are inspired by the Beings of Light, and also live channeled messages
from these Ascended Beings of Light, which are often accompanied by
energy attunements for…

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