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Paul Butler

As we move closer to the Equinox Gateway on March 20th, there has been observable intensity in the planetary field. Due to the incoming plasma solar waves, the Earth’s frequency is speeding up. The measurement of the Schumann frequency has been increasing since 2012, some days into 12-16.5 Hz range or higher. When we absorb these photonic Light frequencies into the biofield it causes the water in the body to vibrate at the higher frequency. This acceleration may cause unusual physical sensations, as well as the sense that time is speeding up.

When the human brainwaves move into these higher frequencies, the mind attains an egoless ‘altered state’ of awakened calm. This is how we evolve into living in the NOW, free from the endless mental chatter of low-vibe unconsciousness. As Gaia is ascending into higher frequencies, all of life on the planet is also…

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