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Published on Aug 14, 2018

Many of your questions have been answered!

As a starseed and medium to the higher dimensions of the Collective Consciousness, I have been recently contacted by the Pleiadian High Council of Light to put all of Corey Goode’s Gaia information about the Inner Earth Beings and how to prepare to meet our galactic family in the near future with infusing “High Elven Wisdom And Love” information on my channel. Most of the Pleiadians are still living amongst the Pleiades starsystem along other places they travel to. But about a million have been under earth for a long time observing and slowly moving towards mingling with earth humans.

Yes, it is all true and many of you feel it deep within. A “Star Trek” future is where we are headed as humanity advances in age. Humanity will move outwards in space…

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