A New Dawn is About To Happen – Jesus/Sananda via Sion, March 9, 2019

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Jesus/Sananda via Sion, March 9th, 2019

Message to the Light workers

A message from Jesus channeled by Sion – Mexico

A new dawn is about to happen in your planet and with it the most marvelous brightness of the light will be seen by your eyes. This experience is going to be monumentally enormous and overwhelming for all because you have never seen such spectacle of light, love and brightness;The new earth all dressed up with all her glory and splendor.

Dear brothers and sisters we tell you that you are ready to live such experience along with us. It is really a moment that we have waited for a long time and my heart is jumping with joy. Brothers and sisters finally the moment has arrived, finally we will all see each other again, hug each other and cry…

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