Equinox Ascension Portal- Meg Benedict March 11, 2019

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Equinox Ascension Portal ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 11 March 2019

Source:New Earth Central

2019 is proving to be a powerful 3 (Trinity) Year of ascension upgrades, as we prepare for the breakthrough ‘22’ energy of 2020. 2 is the number of ‘caring’. During the 2000’s we are learning how to care for ourselves and others, as well as for our beloved Gaia and nature kingdom. The ascension code of 11:11 is also embedded in the Master number 22. The world is on course to experience a grand dimensional shift into a higher consciousness system.

As the world evolves beyond ‘service to self’ mentality, more community focus and cooperation is gaining momentum. Amid all the chaos and distraction, people are actively seeking more balance and connection in their lives. As we move more and more into unity consciousness, the old control system is collapsing. It is no longer sustainable.


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