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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, this is true. There is great joy in Godwriting. Never do you write from desperation. I do not cudgel you into the idea that you must cover your tracks with Godwriting. You are you, Godwriter or not. You are My beneficence, ready or not.

Godwriting flies from your tapping fingers or pen and ultimately from Our One Heart.

At the same time, Godwriting is taking initiative. It is a responsibility. We can say there is the soft side to Godwriting and the stalwart side. You are the instrument. A composer composing great music is writing the greatest music of his life. A composer knows the difference between a masterpiece that bursts beyond his individuality. It is inspired. Who wrote it? Who actually relayed the notes? They came down a chute from Heaven.

An individual plucked a note and wrote down a note that came from beyond. He…

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