Energy Update And A Message From The Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light – Diane Canfield March 7, 2019

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By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Upgrades/Purging Then Bliss

With the energy of February being so intense many are asking me for another energy update. The first 2 weeks of February we experienced massive upgrades coming in that completely transformed our DNA/LIGHT BODY structure. You may be able to feel this by now feeling more connected/closer to Source/Creator Energy. This is what DNA encoding does, bring us closer to TRUTH and the Creator. This was followed by Massive Waves of Bliss that came in and lasted for a few days. Then more recently we experienced another upgrade through geomagnetic storms at the end of the month which was again followed by some days of bliss. The new phonomenon of purging then bliss is something I was just told is going on by my team in the higher realms and these messages I pass on to the Ascension Team.

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