Energy Update Amanda Lawrence March 7th 2018

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Sharing a post that is still relevant today:


Everyone has shifted up an energetic ‘gear’ due to last night’s incoming energy during sleeping mode. Generally speaking this will mean certain human role changes begin to take effect. Role change can only be truly known by the individual them self, for each human comes to Earth with THEIR unique template, path and outcome. Not all roles change. For there are Starseeds who have chosen to come in, embody higher frequency and STAY to assist the collective after the Shift point.


However, there are Starseeds who have come in to perform SPECIFIC work, and then ascend. So I speak more especially to those Starseeds that: Come in, Awaken and embody high frequency, Work divine mission for Collective Mass Ascension, Leave third dimension construct. These beings have KNOWN a specific mission would begin at divine point that…

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