Unplug from the 3D Money System By Stephanie Ark Hogarth March 5 2019

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This was delivered to me from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, which I understand and appreciate! As per my post yesterday, it is to be shared as widely and freely as possible. I did not write this.-
The Lightbringer collective has been purposefully “unplugged” from the 3D money system. This is a divinely orchestrated arrangement as we are not to play any further part in the “need for money” enslavement matrix.
However, a dark cloud of interference energy has been put in place by the cabal to keep Lightbringers stuck in “survival and struggle” mode. The intention behind this energy is that we abandon our soul missions and accept the “need” to “work” jobs to “make” money to “pay the bills” (which is the purpose of life for the majority of humans living inside the matrix).
The purpose…

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