Kp Message 3-3-19… “Well, now what??”

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What kind of a title is that? Well, there has been more “stuff” that has taken place the last day that has “messed up” my plans for the day. I will not go into it, but it did involve water and some washing and then drying (using an actual dryer, thanks to my across street neighbor) of stuff I normally don’t.

Crap!!! (or, better yet, “Holy Crap!!”). I had planned to go to the beach and just BE in the ocean, but things were calling to be “washed and dried” (btw I never use an actual machine type dryer, except on very very very rare occasions… the sun and wind and fans are my dryers).

All is as it IS. Like it or not. Bitch and moan about it or not.

There’s a lot of exposure going on right now. A lot of unveiling. Yes, I’m still viewing Q…

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