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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, are you on Earth at this time in order to shake your head no most of the time? Hardly. How can this be the best use of your time? We all know what Dr. Phil would say to this: “How well has it worked for you so far?”

How well has this worked in yay so many thousands of years of the life of the world you live in? Hmm, this hasn’t exactly been prime time. In fact, this has has been called Kali Yuga, which can be translated into hard times. Do you really have a choice to make?

Are you keener in proving yourself right than in being reasonably happy?

How is this favorable to you? Do you pat yourself on your back, and this feels good to you? This is how you move mountains? Huh?

Does no have to be your clarion call? Aren’t…

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