March Quantum Energy Report – Lisa Transcendence Brown 2/28/2019

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Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

The higher all go/function from, the more SIMPLICITY we live from inside. Simplifying all is an important and continual part of this process. Simplify your lives. Simplify completely. Love is SIMPLE. Your ego, attachments and old programs/beliefs, these are what “complicate all”. Bring yourself to full presence (Zero point) and return to PURE PEACE…. keep it simple. It’s only chaotic, dramatic and crazy if you spin out (ego). Clear the emotions, clear the victim energy, clear the blame game/finger pointing, return to LOVE within and SEE what an APPROPRIATE RESPONSE is from your highest/deepest aligned place inside….. When we are dealing with ego-matrix programs, we strip them down to the CORE ENERGY and look at the mentalities, the lack of power, the lack of love, the lack of respect, the lack of whatever it is… and we DEAL with the ENERGY from that deeply place/space…

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