March Ascension Energies by Jayme Price

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March Ascension Energies – Creative Flow


As we’ve been moving through this Year of Freedom, we are intensifying our lightbody upgrade with January’sPatient Potential, which creates an open, relaxed energetic structure. That offers greater flow as the Peace that Passes All Understanding, connects new understanding. February’s energy ofPower Visionstrengthened the lightbody to create more focus, clarity and determination within. As we move into March, we are energizing our lightbody to amplify our impact into our lives.

February had an interesting flow. In many ways it felt quick and smooth, as details often settled in the unconscious to be accessed at the appropriate time. This resulted in quite a few ah-ha moments interspersed in a quick clearings and readjustments. February’s spiraling of time was offering us the strength of focus within constant movement. The balance of stillness (January) and movement (March).



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