Energy Update: ‘Peak Fear’ Moves Into Love From Within

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Kalayna Colibri

Energy update: the New is here… as much as you’re ready to let it in. Yes, it’s exactly like that song by John Lennon that goes, “war is over IF you want it”… if the parts of you that are ready for the battles to end and the fighting to no longer be their primary filter of reality and relationships are ready to let something new in. A new sense of Love and how it infuses and moves through life without a need for sword and dagger.

It’s not so much a matter of asking us to “turn the other cheek”. As I receive this message this morning, I feel it more as an invitation to advocate for your boundaries as needed, even with charge if that’s real for you, but to be willing to feel the impact of your truth and the impact other’s truths have…

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New Lemuria Codes Remind Us Of Our Tribal Timelines

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Connecting with the New Lemuria codes coming in offers a feeling sense of Golden Earth/New Earth/5D Gaia. New Lemuria reminds us of the best of what it is to be living in a tribe, in commUNITY, and sharing resources together. Our souls most likely have more timelines of this experience than the isolated, lonely, overly self sufficient realities that we live in during 3D life. So much stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness are pushed up for parts of us in living the 3D separatist lifestyle.

In connecting with your galactic consciousness through Star Family and especially your Lemurian aspects that are available for you in the Now, you start to download/remember your tribal identity. You begin to ache for that feeling of soul resonance, beyond words/need to communicate verbally…that just being in synchness that Lemuria vibrates in. You receive initiation and validation from the tribe you start…

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IMBOLC – Lichtmess -zu Ehren der Göttin Brigid



Brigid-Energie verdrängt den Winter

Zu Imbolc erweckt Brigid das Feuer des Lebens



Zu Ehren der Göttin Brigid wird am 31. Januar bzw. 1. oder 2. Februar in Irland und auch anderswo das Fest Imbolc gefeiert.

Auch dieses Fest zu Ehren der Göttin Brigid wurde von den ChristInnen umgestaltet — zu Maria Lichtmess.

Das christliche Fest Lichtmess zeigt viele Bezüge zu den heidnischen Bräuchen,

wenngleich es vordergründig den Tag bezeichnet,

an dem Maria (40 Tage nach der Geburt ihres Kindes) wieder “rein” wurde.


Die Tage sind bereits wieder etws länger und noch unbemerkt beginnt das Leben innerhalb der Erde neu! Die Säfte in den Bäumen steigen langsam auf obwohl der Winter noch nicht vorrüber ist. Jedoch liegt überall die Energie des Neubeginns in der Luft 🙂 Hier spiegelt sich auch die Energie der Göttin BRIGID – die Lichtjungfrau – von einem Strahlenglanz umgeben und sie löst nun…

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