Harmony and Alignment 222

Reflections of Riverman

Dawn of 2_22_2019

I arose to lookout the  window at this amazing view which is the sky over the Atlantic Ocean before our Sun had risen over the horizon.

Thus I began my day with this reading from A Course In Miracles…
The Great Peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine outward to make you aware of it. ACIM

On this amazing day of 222 I awoke to see Venus Rising in the morning Sky after a night of dreams that I actually remembered upon arising.
Dreams about assisting others with repairs, then looking to buy a new home, car being towed away  and walking miles with others who had no vehicles with a small child.

The number 222 is significant to me as I see it often and have a deep feeling of connection to what I call the Crystalline Collective Consciousness of 22 which assist…

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