What does it mean to love yourself?

A Miracle Workbook

I thought I had this relationship with myself figured out and I didn´t see how I could possibly accept myself more. But then something didn´t go the way I expected and all of a sudden I found out that my head was full of thoughts like Life is not working out for me, Universe is testing me, God wants me to sacrifice for it, so I can prove I am worthy. I allowed these thoughts to pass and right beneath them was another layer of beliefs that supported the previous ones: I am not trying hard enough, I am going to ruin my life again, I do not deserve anything good, I should be better/smarter/more this and less that… How could I possibly love myself and think those beliefs to be true? How could I love someone who was trying to ruin my life and who I thought wasn´t even smart enough?…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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