Kp Message 2-24-19… “Places of ‘Operation'”

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You know there’s many times I (well, at least part of me) question why I’m here. Or what I’m here for. Or whether I’m finished with what I came here for. Holy Crap, the questions keep coming, sometimes, like it or not!

But usually there’s a point where “clarification” comes. Maybe that “clarification” point is short lived, but that matters not. What clarifies for “this now moment” in time is all that matters.

What’s clarified to my Inner Self just today is that I am a Hawaii islands operator. The Hawaii islands is where my primary missions have been, and will continue to be, carried out.

Some beings are meant to operate primarily in one continent or another, possibly globally, but in my case it definitely feels, in this now moment, that Hawaii islands are still my primary place of operation (and please refrain from making an acronym from…

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