“The Daily Angel” February 20th

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with more advice from the angelic realms. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the right sidebar of my homepage, to get the information delivered into your mailbox every morning!
In case the energy field of yesterday’s Virgo Full Moon had a rather challenging impact for you, here is already the confirmation that collectively we must have made the right choices. Take a deep breath, recalibrate and let the frequency of this angelic guidance sequence take you to the your next natural step.

Here is the Angelic Number most vivid today:
Angel Number
Allows us the joyful realization, that we have made the right decisions, taken the correct directions from our higher self and now are brought thru the angels guidance, on a brand new path full of possibilities and never known…

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