Conscious Evolution: This is getting real

Koyopa Rising

I’m releasing this recent transmission to the public earlier than scheduled. It is taking every shred of courage I have to share this now. You will see why. It’s pretty straightforward. It doesn’t feel like we have a whole lot of time to dance around any of this anymore.  This Inner Voice has been pressing me to share it all, and this is what being my authentic self is. No holding back. As another experiencer I recently spoke to said, “It’s just something that I can’t not do now.” (She is the subject of my next episode of, “Evolution of an Experiencer” series.)

It seems everyone is looking to the government for full disclosure of this contact. And I find myself wondering why we’re not looking to our individual experiencers to fill in some of these blanks. This is gloriously ecstatic when I am immersed in the Love of these…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.