Others have no power over you: Claim the power over your own life

A Miracle Workbook

You are a creator. You are choosing your priorities and, surprisingly, you are choosing your belief system, as well. When your beliefs reflect who you truly are, nothing in this world can touch or steal your joy. Nothing can stop the miracles you bring forth into this world and the blessings from entering your life. No one has power over your own life. You can give other people and their beliefs power, but they can´t take it without your permission. When you are feeling upset, anxious or fearful, ask yourself: to whom did I give my power? You are in your power when you are one with God/ truth/ love. You give your power away when you believe the voice of fear speaking through your fearful thoughts and other people´s opinions to direct your life. They have no right to tell you what your truth is, because they don´t know your…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.