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The sunlight showing in this photo is a bit opposite to what it has been like two to three days ago. We had fair amount of rain, high winds, and a pretty significant DROP in temperatures. Where I reside (about 1500 feet elevation) it has been dropping to 54 F, which for us living in Hawai’i, is really cold (those in the Northern realm states and countries I’m sure are feeling very “sad” for our situation…!). I presume we had some sort of weather front go through. Supposedly, snow was falling on Haleakala, and Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and some reports had the wind gusting to 191 mph on Mauna Kea.

But these things are really only outer manifestations of the Hawaii winter type weather deals, and it is quite “survivable”. My small heater is going occasionally, so it remains about 65 F indoors, and I may even want to…

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