Kp Message 2-10-19… “It’s primarily about ‘The Energies'” (and NOT about the “How-things-are-falling-apart-ergies”)

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Well, the parenthesized part is supposed to rhyme with “Energies”, so I presume people got that. And “things” primarily means “what appears to be in the outer” and/or “deep state” type deals.

There seems to be a B.A.SH.* going on (*Big A$$ SHift), and primarily I’m looking within. Yes, I’m still observing things and watching a video or two or three, and viewing articles, about all the “deep state takedown”, etc., etc., but these just do not have the “pull” on my Inner BEingness that they used to.

I suppose it’s like when I used to regularly do chemistry, and ran chemical reactions to try to produce a desired product (molecule of interest). I’d map out a path to get there, which might involve several steps, then take one step at a time and observe the results from each step. Sometimes it would go just as I intended, but other…

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