Pilgrimage of Heart

New Earth Unity Foundation

I was questioned about what NEW EARTH Unity stands for and does?

For a time being, I only can be the “VOICE” and speak of what brings all hearts into flames, BEING ONE, BEING WHOLE, Being TRUE.

This is my walk, and as humble as I am, it is time to rest and have a place to anchor and ground all ACTIONS required for this Foundation. I have nothing as Human Possessions left and also my physical body asking for a resting place. I am putting this post out as a COLLECTIVE CALLING, Sharing my personal Soul Journey as open as I was guided. I am calling in MY HOME, MY SOUL TRIBE, MY PARTNER and FLAME into REALity.

Please share, join and stand in your truth. WE ARE ONE.


Pilgrimage of heart is a pathless path, asking for intimacy with every feeling and emotion, to know…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.