MICHELLE WALLING Essential Self ‘Work’ In Preparation For The Shift – 2-8-19

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Essential Self 'Work' For The Energetic Shift


ByMichelle Walling, CHLC

If you currently feel like you are without direction or perhaps you are struggling to ride the waves, there may still be a bit of self “work” that is left to clear your energy field. Those who have completed the self work are finally feeling unplugged from the matrix and are sharing how they achieved this. In this article I will share what has worked best for me in achieving a state of neutrality and has created frequent bouts of happiness, synchronicity, and positive manifestation.

Self work allows for the negative frequency overlay or veil to be lifted so that our original DNA codes can create a shift in our reality. This kind of work is the most important work of all, even over service to others at this time because of how close we are to a bifurcation of realities. Often times…

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