Blood Types And DNA – Pleiadian Collective ~ February 9, 2019

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Blood Types And DNA – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

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The most frequent question asked is about blood types.

What do they mean? Is this blood type good or bad?

Blood types are just a trait that some have according to ancestry of the family they incarnate into.

Blood type is not as important as DNA.


The DNA carries everything including all Biology.

It determines hair color, skin color, blood type and other variations.

For Incarnated Pleiadians, and other Star Races incarnated, our DNA is different and we are Coded and have Multiple Strands.


Not a Double Helix.

This means that DNA can accept Downloads and Encoded Messages on Receptor Sites.

We increase the number of strands throughout our lifetime.

Our DNA includes the Human Family as well as the Pleiadian / Star Family.

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