Pilgrimage of Heart-update

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Pilgrimage of Heart/update
Beloved friends,
I am guided to leave the safety of my friends home and return to Vancouver on Saturday. I have one night booked at a central Hostel, after that I do not know. My $ was enough for one night and perhaps few cups of coffee. 😊
This surrendering and obedience has been the theme of this pilgrimage since June 2017 when my truthwalking journey with €300 from Larnaka/ Cyprus began, powered by devotion to Divine love and faith in Oneness of love.

I am taking this part alone and this post is only for update of those beautiful hearts, friends, fellow lightworkers whom unconditionally, silently and lovingly walking side by side of this humbled servant of truth.

My heart is so powerful that tiredness of my vessel from so much movements and changes can not stop her from this act. It feels so light, so…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.