Kp Message 2-7-19… “‘Completing the Cycle(s)’ and ‘Shifting the Paradigm(s)'”

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I’ve been quite aware that this year appears to involve several areas of “Completing Cycles” and “Shifting Paradigm(s)”.

The journey to the Minnesota Headwaters was one of those “cycle completion” deals, and currently there is another one that appears to be completing. For myself, personally, this is also nearing the end of the 18th year I have lived on the Big Island, so, 1 + 8 = 9 = Completion. That is one reason I’ve been looking at the possibility of some type of physical move, which may or may not be a part of this “cycle completion”.

Of course, each of us has a choice whether to go along with these things, but I do sense that, at this time, the “cycle completion(s)” (which may or may not include “moves”) calls for a participation by the one involved with “completing the cycle”.

As I mentioned in the latest Kp…

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