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NEW EARTH DESIGN 2019 – Continues
New Earth Unity is a divine blueprint MODEL, currently UNFOLDING through alignment of entire universe Within DIVINE ORGANISM. Year 2018 individually and collectively we crossed the no return Bridge into higher energy and frequency which some labelled as 5D and above.
On a bigger picture of Ascension and awakening, the happening took place and what was seeded in Heart of Life on Earth, now have an infinite possibilities to move and interact in physical and into form, in complete harmony with God/Divine principals and laws, as a perfect ONE Realiity, which in our understanding is called Unity!

As many awaken souls take their steps into an effortless process of consciousness-oriented communities and taking action to form Light groups, sectors, schools of awakening, healing and the continues birth of our sovereignty and sharing the Truth of Who We are.
Some awaken ones drawn into another…

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