Imbolc – a Birthday…

Wylde and Green

I made a small, white candle to light on the night of the New Moon (4th Feb) for Imbolc weekend. (How to make a candle here).

The sun slanted gently through the kitchen window as I ground down the dried rose petals (for love), cinnamon (for warmth) and rosemary (to remember) for my candle.

Winter is still the season I see when I look outside, but I am sure that at sometime between sunrise and sunset on the 2nd February, Spring was born.

Imbolc is a Birthday. Three years previous at 5.46am, just before sunrise my Son, Rowan was born, an Imbolc baby, full of new beginnings and the early joys of Spring. I remember the same slanting light through the windows of the hospital that day as I held him in my arms, new and soft and clean.

But I am outside today, and I can already see…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.