5 Earth / CABAN – Building an Altar of Light: Day 5 of 13

Jaguar Spirit



Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 is a day of Empowerment. At the Center of the Cube is the Force of Intelligence, organizing and managing the resources, substance, and knowledge for application. Tone 5 gather’s all the resources together to empower the last steps of our climb toward Spiritual Growth.

Earth/CABAN represents Mother Earth as the Source of everything Human knows. Earth was the Gift of Living Beauty given to Human by the Creator, so we might experience Life where Love can Grow. Her movement creates the Time for the Experience.

Earth/CABAN offers the Living Demonstration to Move Forward with Passion, Love, and a Divine Purpose. The Cherokee Heron is the nahaul who carries out life as a perpetual migration. The Heron is always moving away from the Abundance it finds to reach a Greater Blessing. Heron is also the symbol of the Phoenix…

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