Receiving the New Earth in Yourself Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

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Receiving the New Earth in Yourself
Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear friends,

I am the voice of Mother Earth. I welcome you all from my heart. Feel my living presence in your midst; I am here with you all. I am literally present in the cells of your body. I flow in each tiny cell: in your blood, your organs, your limbs – I am in everything. I share my consciousness with yours and share this life with you.

Open yourself to me and experience my healing power – and take your time doing it. Allow my power to flow from the ground beneath your feet up through your being. Imagine the splashing sound of a stream and let that pure water flow through you that brings refreshment and renewal to your being.

Feel my energy flow up through your feet, your ankles, and your lower legs. Know yourself to…

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