February 2019/ Nature DEsign of Divine

New Earth Unity Foundation

Angel winged

The time is always NOW. In realization that we are Not A Separated life and our Bodies in truth are perfectly connected as ONE and all is following a designed PLAN and Flow.

As we move higher into pure light and our Divine Essence, our assignments and Heart Codes effortlessly activated and bring more balance and UNITY between our Divine Aspects. 2019 assigned as a YEAR of UNITY for TwinFlames of Seraphim. This happening is part of a bigger plan/ Ascension DESIGNS to serve Earth and all livings.

We all receive all our won direct guidance and at some level within the unlimited ocean of KNOWING and RECOGNIZING, we each only access our own assigned code to bring in the required ENERGY and FREQUENCY into our own Body as well as OUR SURRENDERING and ultimately our assignments and how all these small and large roles we play as HUmans and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.