GaiaPortal 1-29-19… “Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude”

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This new GaiaPortal came out early this morning (1111 UTC, 0111 HST). One thing about this is that I sense that the word “mesmer” is related to “mesmerize” (to hold (someone) as if spellbound), rather than the Austrian scientist, Mesmer (although I could always be “not seeing” something here).

I do feel that at this time, “Light cannons” is a “right on” terminology, as many are being “blasted” by inner and outer revelations. And I’m wondering if “Stardust engaged” might have something to do with Cobra’s “Command PB Stardust” procedure (also here and here)? Perhaps a reminder to look again at that process.


Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude

Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude.

Portions of mesmer are refused.

Philanthropics are engaged for hu-manity.

Stardust engaged.

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