5 Seed / KAN – A Revelation of Light: Day 5 of 13

Jaguar Spirit


5 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 offers the Gift of Empowerment. Dynamic developments are possible on Tone 5. Tone 5 represents the center of the cube, “as an intelligent, organizing force, which manages materials, knowledge, and application.” 

Tone 5 encourages us to probe to the heart of a situation and gather what is needed. Tone 5 encourages us to be investigators, and to take stock of our Resources of Creation.

Seed/KAN is very correspondent with the Intentions of Tone 5. So does the Seed operate from a Power that’s central to its Being. So is Seed a Day Sign that creates a network to draw what is needed. And, so does Seed guide us to make a profound investigation into our Self. Working together, Tone 5 and Seed hold the Power to find the Answers Within.

Creating something new is always a challenge until…

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