2019-2020 : Humanity, Vulnerability & Dissolving the Capricornian Power Structure

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

I’ve been studying the energy of 2019 in particular and find it overwhelmingly Capricornian. I’ve spoken a lot about what that means in previous videos but today I want to focus on what we – as humans can do about it.

And the answer isn’t more Capricorn. It’s about doing what Capricorn fears.

Being humble. Being vulnerable. Being human.

Being wrong !

When we are able to admit we could be wrong, or did screw up, we open ourselves to the wonder that is humility.

You can be wrong. That doesn’t make you stupid. That doesn’t make you bad.

It means you’re more likely to be careful.
You’re more likely to be mindful.
And you’re more open to alternate possibilities .
And you’re more likely to be able to solve a problem because you’re willing to accept that it exists.

Denial and hubris are dangerous combinations. We see that all…

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