(Yet another) Kp Message 1-13-19… “Something’s Up, but I know not what”

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Watching video after video and/or reading article title after article title, sometimes it just seems like a circus that I just don’t care to keep track of. I know the deep state is collapsing, I know there are many disclosures happening, I know there’s a lot of chaotic appearances that are going on…

…but I’m not internally investing in any of it.

I did watch the Bob Lazar movie, and saw a fascinating decode of a Simpsons movie that points to 1-18-19 as a date of importance (discernment advised), but there are times when it all just seems like various rings of the circus. Personally, I watch (read) what I’m drawn to watch (read), but I don’t take any of it seriously, and remain free from any “fear views”.

Well, anyway, it does “sense” to me that there is an immense amount of activity going on right now, by

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