Kp Message 1-12-19… “BEing True to one’s own Higher Calling”

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The title kind of (but not quite) tells it “all”. The “not quite all” of it is that “BEing True to one’s own Higher Calling” may involve actually DOing stuff, and GOing somewhere to certain locations on this planet (or other planets).

Of course, that is what I’M feeling called to do. Each individual has to find out for themselves, by themselves, from within themselves, what their “Higher Calling” is. To me, it is listening to the “Higher Inner Voice” (or perhaps more clear, “Higher (Vibrational) Inner Voice”). This is not an ego thing (small “e”), or a “3D only” thing, or an “If it makes ‘sense'” thing, or an “If it fits into my already planned out (by the ego) schedule” thing.

None of that.

There is something coming up that I know is mine to do, at a place where I am called to BE. And in…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.