Ascension vs. Enlightenment

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Ascension versus Enlightenment

by Sundeelia VaCoupe

Recently one of my European readers asked me some interesting questions.  I’m including them here in case my answers might be useful to others.  You’re also welcome to disagree with my answers as I make no claims to be a guru or Teacher here.

Here are Richard’s comments; his questions are below in bold print, followed by my answers in italics.

Thank you very much for your blogs, the and, which I appreciate a lot! In these blogs, you are writing about ascension. Although the concept of ascension is not new, the spiritual new age communities are more familiar with the concept of enlightenment (self-realization and unity consciousness) etc. Gurus and enlightened people holding satsangs never talk about ascension. So in order to get things clear, I have some questions concerning the relationship between these concepts.

  • A person who ascends by walking…

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