Kp Radio Hawaii 1-4-19… “Remain Calm… The ‘Trump Effect’ awakens EVERYTHING”

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Talked about (among other things):

  • GaiaPortal recent message.
  • Important (helpful) to view things from higher level.
  • The “figuring out” can’t be determined by the intellect.
  • Things may seem “crazy”, out there. But the Light exposes all.
  • Rise above the intellect, above the lower densities.
  • Independent (non-msm) journalists are important.
  • Always connecting with the Higher Self.
  • “Trump Effect” awakens everything.
  • Remain calm (and centered and grounded and patient).
  • What’s triggering me?!?!? Can help with Inner Spiritual Growth.
  • Enjoying the show. I’ll post what resonates. Within myself.
  • Allow the “Higher Viewer”.
  • Energy work important.
  • Currently many people including me in “pause place”, where taking care of personal items.
  • In a “pause”. Until next phase begins.
  • Releasing the impatience.

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