Kp Message 12-31-18… “Enjoy this New Moment… No matter what…”

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There is such a “blasting about” of things on this date, as if the transition from this date (12-31) to the next (1-1) were the only time to celebrate.

In my view, the only moment to celebrate is the current one. The current moment is the only one. And the only one I personally choose to celebrate (and once in awhile, bitch and moan about… but only for a moment).

I am currently in a “survival” mode, as this midnight (and about 2 hours on either side of it) is when 5,687,446 fireworks are purchased in Hawaii and “blown off” for a few hours. It’s mainly the “bombs” that some people buy that are the toughest to live through. But this shall soon pass.

Enjoy this New Moment.


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Author: dreamweaver333

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