Era of Light 1-1-19… “Kejraj: All Portals of Light Are Now Open; Resetting the System”

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I ran across this on IDC (which I rarely look through), and this rather “stood out” to me, and felt quite appropriate for this moment in time. Use one’s own Higher Discernment. [and I am offering no evaluation of any RV information in this one.]

“All obstacles that have prevented major dominoes from falling have been dissolved. Many entities at the top of the latter [ladder] in particular were given ultimatums, which they refused all of them…

“They now have ZERO power. Governments, banks, military, are now all in the hands of the Alliance. The mainstream media is also quickly to be taken over by the Alliance Technology. This you will notice through the change in reporting on your television.

“Our magnificent Mother Earth is being flooded by the higher light of the Great Central Sun. All portals of light are now open. Which means the light coming to Earth…

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